its not that i dont mind swimming
cool water on your skin
drying out your hair
it’ll take 3 washes before its back to normal
your skin scratchy and irritated 
but the sun on your back is so refreshing 
a warm blanket drying you while your feet kick
splashes landing on your arm
no i dont mind all that
i mind when im unexpectedly drenched 
water filling my nose 
my eyes open and unprepared, now red
the pressure of the water on my chest 
the fear of drowning kicks in 
trying to scream but liquid finds more space
my hair in my face i dont know which way is up
frantically kicking and grabbing 
only for it to slip through my fingers 
the sun getting farther and farther away 
i give in and close my eyes 
the peace of the silence under water 
i an floating in the sky no more worries
when im pulled up 
gasping and coughing 
cold hands move the hair from my face 
how can you laugh after what we just did?