kiss me.

kiss me!

the frog says

oh by the warts on my spine it’s your only option!

it dramatically wails, the pond water has dried into a dewy glaze over the frog

no no no i’m a toad !

croaks the frog, interrupting my narrative


i say louder this time, questioning the authenticity of the frogs statement

i’m not a frog!

ribbits the… frog

ahhh! all you have to do is kiss me i say, to learn, yet you jest here judging the mortality of my patience. haha why instead you learn that my patience dried up when this muck did

the frog has the temperance of muck

i judge aloud

apologize to me, for this has been a gore-ish waste of time

the frog inconsiderately concludes. inconsiderate for apologizing would mean a gore-ish waste of time for ME

oh me oh my all you need is to kiss me to escape the confounds of the lords mind, yet you are still here!

i won’t kiss you damnit! frogs aren’t meant to be kissed

i am a toad!! not a frog, oh stink tail , toad!!

then “toad”,

i say with a bitter sludge to my tone

i guess i won’t be going anywhere for a long long while…