Oh old friend-
I know your sister is missing you.
your birthday was yesterday,
another year has passed without you.

I have known you both
for nearly 40 years, you were dear to her
 and so you are to me.

Not really my friend,
only tangentially, but I kept tabs-
no longer the annoying little brother.

Edgy, tattooed, smiling on your motorcycle,
or posing on a roof,
or strumming your guitar,
smiling down at your daughter.

I took a walk after the storms tonight
the fireflies went nuts  
answering the fading flashes.

I imagined you were with me-
“call them lightening bugs!
They are having a party!”  

Your dark brown eyes,
your expansive smile, 
your big heart, they were all with me.

I thought you might like 
the cautious calves,
the frogs singing,
the silly cats following. 

You would have taken a picture for your sister.
You would have written a song for your daughter.