What do I hope readers find in my work?

I’ve always centered on my perspective of the world
because we, of course, understand our own place in it best.
As writers, we share pieces of ourselves and sometimes
that’s like showing off pictures of kids or pets,
plucking a pretty flower from our garden for the world
or carving out chunks of bloody flesh for display.

I write about my problems because when you break it down
they are the same we all face in every stage of life,
they just look a little different from time to time.
Matters of the heart can sting regardless of age
and a flood or tornado can destroy a business or home,
robbing any comfort of knowing what to expect in the future.

I’m motivated by some sense of morality.
This is my gift that I can redress and give back
to a world of individuals collectively fighting the same wars
and if I’m vague sometimes, it’s because I want “thing,” “you,” or “she”
acting as variables in an algebra problem, so anyone reading
can plug in God, careers, or love involving any John or Jane.

Mostly it’s because I think I’m stronger than most,
but you can see my weakness holding strong in my displays
of hope, bliss, longing, contentment, heartbreak.
I struggle just the same, while understanding there are others
like this high school kid I met one day who just lost a parent
who is one of many just getting his emotional war deployment papers.

I hope readers find reading what I find writing:
feelings of kinship and a sense of belonging to each other
and letting that be the passing of our darkest days.