the living heart of the true
things that ignite life—
blue tenderness, yellow love
murmur of a stream’s wave in your hand
a full moon, the lip of dreams
the inheritance you carry

You’ll get lost on the way
in the regrettable condition of the world
separated by another wall
the accumulated poison of so much wealth
and so much poverty
one depends on the other
it’s incredibly cruel
a terrible inflammation
pitch black like a wolf’s mouth

But please be a little patient
This process is a doorway
the blissful border
to the entrails of the earth
the enormous spine, the deep roots
of the tree of hope
blooming in the joy
of the exact language for understanding

What secret are you looking for?
We are heading toward ourselves
This is the moment
Break the bark
Let new blossoms come out

~ Cento of lines/phrases found in Frida Kahlo’s diary and her letters.