you always listen,
looking me in the eyes,
accepting my touch
always interested
in every sound–
word, grunt, cry

you come to me
as soon as you see me
i need not ask–
when i open the door
and step inside
you are right there

when i lie in bed,
you are at my side–
as near as you can be
but if i move, you move,
and you never complain

you get so excited when
i pour out your food–
same thing, day after day,
and you react as if it were
a feast

you lap your water throughout
the day, with no pretention–
you are thirsty, so you drink–
simple as that

you are so many things that,
though i may try,
i struggle to be–

i have not forgotten
that you will bite
when cornered and pressured
but that is one of the reasons
Mother Nature gave you teeth

you never bite me
you lick my face, my hand
and show me a simple way 
to be and, in your precious way,
you love me