*This is kind of collaborative. I asked friends on Facebook to give me one or more of the following, and I would work them into a poem:
1. Their favorite word or phrase;
2. A name (fictional or real);
3. An object from a different era or world. 

Here is the poem I wrote using their answers:

Dewey Dell brought a spinning wheel to the town meeting,
But Niddy Noddy brought an attitude of spite:
“I may indeed be a curmudgeon about eating,
But Emily’s a creature of the night!”

The whole crowd gasped, even old Top Hat,
Who’d been curled and asleep by the rocker.
But Art Vandelay, in town to watch the spat,
Said the thing that was the real shocker

Was how Miette Marcelle, the petite town conscience
Had added up all their dark woes,
And declared the whole matter a tempest of nonsense,
Like an octopus counting its toes.

Then from the shadows, old Beatrice crept out
And laughed the stark laugh of the damned.
“In the bowels of bleak time I’ve lain and I’ve leapt out
At folks on the make and the lam.”

“Oh wise crone!” someone bellowed, voice shaking and quaking,
“Have empathy for your future self!
For whether you’re sleeping or whether you’re waking,
Your head belongs on a shelf!”

The air was as thick as onomatopoeia
Or a plushie made of old riboflavin.
For no one there had ever quite seen a
Flying elephant that was even worth saving.

But this was irrelevant, as every Nacarian knew,
For not all of the elephants were flying.
And this fair day all draped in bright blue,
Yesterday shall have been dying.