When Yolanda first set up her law practice, it was outdoors
On a street corner in Covington, summer, nineteen sixty five, fifteenth and Byrd
Had a duo temid truck seat up against a brick wall under an awning
Had a do I muted phone booth and a card table
Was her meid to do office. Tod Diuem prominantly displayed

I asked her: “Demit, dou drive a Caddilac but live in a shack
On the back side of the Licking River flood wall, why is that?”
“Cause I was raised there. my Mama lives there,
Waitin’ for me prayin’ for me down by the — wait, that’s a different river
And to your point, I can live in my car but I can’t drive my house”

Then she asked me: “Mut I eddo you know.
You really want to do dat to me?
Let the boss know I been skimmin; on the take?
Them pit bulls is mine and I take what they make in the ring
De doumit.”

She deftly picked a dime from amongst the change on the table
With her sausage sized thumb and finger
Fitted the dime into the slot on the phone booth
“Do de tumi and you be dimed out.”

Slammed her fist on the table so all the nickels amd dimes and casings
And poker chips and broken teeth jumped. 
Then with her big clown smile: “We clear.? Else you find yosef in time doud.”
She pushed the plunger on the phone, retreived the dime
We shook, said: “UT MOID!”