When I hit the scene-         Run the scalpel            Quick whisper                 The ocean was my 
the crowd parts.                down my spine’s             at the table,                     first long-distance
Splits open.                            invisible ridge.            Aperture-round                   lover. She pulls
When I hit the             Fragile- do it fragile.            in my memory.                                her sand
scene I split open.             Aforementioned             We know better.              through my soul- 
Hit me and I’ll                           dirty fingers-            We have stars                        I carry a pearl
split right open.             like clumsy thumbs            on the ends of our       eleven hours home
Get me all over        into mandarin oranges,            eyelashes.                         to horse country.
your shoes.                             like juice down            We have gold                Everywhere I am is
Pat me on the               slender, bony wrists.            in the soles of                          somewhere I 
back and I’ll bruise                    Polish me to            our boots.                     belong. Everywhere
like moldy fruit-                     shining pearly             I have always been       I am is somewhere
like i’ve overstayed          white, something              in love with people                      I wish you
my welcome.            you could be proud of.             with round-bedded nails.             were too.