Everyday you come outside
just to yell at your children
let them play in a busy street
I cringe as cars fail to slow down
fearing the worst for them 
I see your wife and the way 
she always struggles to do it all
you never help her 
instantly I become even more 
thankful for my husband 
than already before 
because you’re the same 
as all those men I once knew
men who are loud and obnoxious 
domineering and think the world
owe them something simply 
because they are man 
my face becomes very loud 
when I see you and I can’t help it 
I swear I tried to like you, 
give you the benefit of the doubt 
but you disrespected me 
in my own driveway 
then after seeing your actions 
In the light of the living room window 
I can’t unsee it or you
any other way.