She makes me feel loved,
and really, what else could a guy ask for?

Those two short little buzzes signifying another message
never fail to inject me with that cuddle hormone,

someone thinks I’m important enough
to share every detail of the day with

someone values me enough
to always ask how I’m doing or feeling,

it’s intoxicating,
to be cared for.

That doesn’t ever hit you so strong
as if you go so long without it.

I don’t even remember being anything special when we met
but apparently it was everything I needed to be

because she couldn’t get enough of me then
and she still can’t get enough now.

Gratitude cannot be measured
for all the ways she makes me feel appreciated, alive,

I feel seen, like I finally matter
and she wants the best for me as I do for her.

I’ve never been so blessed before
or completed than when she’s in my arms.

It’s her birthday today and I just had to share
with the world about how beautiful she makes me feel.

She makes me feel loved
and that is the only thing I could have ever asked for.