I am stuck between wanting to stay right where I am

And wanting to change absolutely everything I’ve known

It feels comfortable to stay in my little town, work my bartending job

Hang out with the friends I’ve known forever, drive the backroads I know by heart


But it’s exhilarating to think about all the different people I could meet

The opportunities I could encounter

The places I could see

The possibility of being happier than I am now


But, I’m stuck at a 4-way stop sign

And I’m not sure which way to go

The days turn to night, over, and over

And over again

The same thoughts everyday

But never the energy to make them come alive

I am stuck in an endless cycle of reality and dreams

And endless cycle of not knowing who I really am

Or where I’m supposed to be


I’m afraid I’ll stay stuck forever,

And just like June, life will flash before my eyes

And I will never have made it through the stop sign