Had I known what you were
when I drew you from the warehouse floor,
I’d have taken note of how you were laying,
but when I did recognize what you were
you were no doubt upright in my hand
and that’s good enough for a surprised novice like me.

I’ve never put much faith in your kind of divination.
It all seemed like a load of well-meaned misunderstandings
thriving on a copious amount of coincidence.
Still, I can’t deny your timely appearance
when the mountains ahead oppressively overshadow me
in the systemic absence of my God and all I’ve believed.

Seems fate has provided me with a weapon.
A supervisor seeks my demotion, or termination,
for daring to question his lackluster leadership.
Thought he gossiped to a trustworthy compatriot
who relayed the news to me as soon as the chance came up,
not far from where I first laid eyes on you.

It is encouraging, and empowering, to know there are still
forces of good willing to fight by my side,
and a fight it will be with a mountain so tall.
But my gratitude will be eternally yours if you
wreath me in the victory you supposedly promise.
I’ll believe in anything that believes in me.