The answer ain’t in your phone,
Though you search and you scroll
And you lurk and you happy face.
The answer ain’t in your car,
Though you turn the damn thing
Upside down, kneeling, shoving
Your grubby paws under the seats,
Rifling through the glove compartment
Twice, sitting back finally on your tired
Haunches with the most thoughtful look.
The answer ain’t in the sky, especially now
During the great contrail shortage of 2020.
The answer ain’t on TV, not on any of the
Multitude of channels and packages and
Series, even on the “very special episodes”.
The answer ain’t in the mirror, you looked
Before, it wasn’t there, but, well, hell’s bells,
Maybe just one more peek on your way to
Bed. Whaddya know. The goddamn mirror.