The apple usually doesn’t fall too far from the tree 

But sometimes –
A wind will come and shake the tree violently 
And an apple will land with a 
On sloped ground
And roll 
                    With rapid speed 
And land


Into a lively stream

The water will feel invigorating
And the apple will bob up and down, happily 
Until it finally comes to rest in brush
The water will ripple around it
Tickling its rosy skin
As it rests

A young brown bearcub 
Will be hunting fish with his mother
And fish out the apple
He will roll it in his paws
Before bringing it to his mouth
To eat it


And then, deposit the seeds 
On the edge of the wood
One seed will sink new roots into fertile soil
Unfamiliar to anything the apple knew before

Eventually, the tree will produce its own fruit
Round, red, and ripe
Good for both men’s and animals’ appetites
It will stand far from the grove
But it will stand proudly
The apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree
But sometimes, it does