I asked where the chain of guilt by association ended
And you hated me for it
You knew and I knew that asking was the same as buying a one way ticket across that eternally burning bridge
Where no answer is the same as
(Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out)

I know you’re picturing one long line of people who can get fucked
But actually, it’s a rat king of wrongs
Not to be undone or cut apart
By anyone other than the girl who put the sword in the stone

No true heroes live here
But our rat community is warmer than you’d think
We still hold rat parties
Sing all the great rat songs
It’s almost like being a rat is just fine
Like that’s what we were from the beginning

So I’m writing to let you know it’s okay
To be here, on the other side of things
That I found an answer
about where the guilt ends, and
It’s with me