I have rendered myself boneless before you,
held nothing back and let you see
how ugly a year can leave a man,
how close he can teeter on the edge of a cliff.
I have not been afraid of the dark,
nor have I feared showing my transformations;
frustrations and ill desires
somehow kept in check.

I have done this unapologetically
for I believe in the complete beauty of being
emotionally naked in front of somebody else
And in this journey, I have discovered how crucial it is
that I learn how to strip myself before another person.
Some have you have learned things here as well,
new ways to look at things, like tiny sunrises,
but that’s because I’m trying to write beyond you.

For you are my choir. I look to you
to make more purpose from poetry.
If you have gained something from my insights,
use it to call out evil or save a human life.
Do that with any truth you find because I know
not every secret will be uncovered by me
and maybe, together, we can be catchers in the rye
for an entire world wavering on the brink.