Bobby Sox and Saddle Shoes
Page Boy, Duck Tail, Beehive haircuts.
Skirts with multi crenoline slips
Madras plaid, blue gym Bloomers.

Short shorts and Pedal Pushers,
two-piece swim suits
home permanent waves.

Dial telephones, TV invented.
Ed Sullivan show, Elvis a star.
Blue Suede Shoes, Heartbreak Hotel
on 45 rpm, played zillions of times.

Driver’s Ed Classes,
friend slumber parties,
first cigarette.

Becoming a Flutist
school marching band,
orchestra concerts.

Frisch’s Big Boy
after each football game.
Long telephone chats
scribbled notes passed in class.

Summer sun tanning days.
At night no AC
finding ways to keep cool.

Life as it was in my teens.

-Sue Neufarth Howard