We chose to have the parents meet over dinner at my house with one he concocted with his newly acquired culinary skills from the CIA.First, he created a stunning charcuterie tray of grapes, a bird carved from an apple, fresh pineapple chunks, assorted cheeses such as brie, Manchego,gouda. Dad prepared their favorite old fashioneds with bourbon garnished with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry in lowball glasses from his portable bar in the dining room. He toasted, “To Linda and Jim, may they continue to love and care for one another as they approach marriage.”The entrée was baked halibut sitka topped with a creamy sauce dotted with fresh green onions and fresh dill garnished with a lemon slice. Parslied buttered new potatoes and steamed asparagus as sides.  I watched and acted as his sous chef. He explained how important the presentation of the food is to all the senses. That’s why I chose Grannie’s Noritake China to use.  Only brought out for special dinners like this one. He bought a bottle of white pinot grigio to serve. He had learned about fine wines at culinary and was teaching me. All I knew was Boone’s Farm from college days or dark red communion wine from church. For dessert, he prepared individual chocolate souffles topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a fresh raspberry with a mint leaf for presentation, youknow. Stellar! I was in love! I was so proud of him and this gourmet meal but the kitchen was a disaster. Creativity can be messy. On a glow, we drove his parents back to their house across town when his mom burst my bubble. “Do your parents always drink like that?” she asked.