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Lexington Poetry Month

the estuary’s mouth


I am the shore. No – hear me out:
I have long been a collector of things, a rescuer, harbor
for the tempest-tossed. Two years ago today, these words:
     ‘sometimes the whole world cracks open; sometimes it’s just your own heart.
      sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.’
And today, this thought: I am where things come to break
or rest : read that as you will.

6 responses to “the estuary’s mouth”

  1. Joseph Nichols says:

    The title and the final lines clinch this one.
    Love the images and whole.

    • Thank you… the title was an afterthought, actually. I grew up near the Hudson; she’s one of the grandest estuaries in the world. And that word has such resonance.

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