I had thought to explain
The start and stop of “Will
There Be a Risin”,
A story of a woman moving
Through her life giving
Us glimpses of her trek.

Now it seems redundant
In the face of many starts
And stops from talented 
Writers also with big ideas.
Who veered to walk new paths.

If I were brave, I would point
Out the characteristics of so
Many of the givers of words 
As they revealed themselves.
But bravery could be impolite.

Loving words,
Gaining ideas,
Sharing joys,
Mourning losses,
These and more
Have filled my June.

A thank you to all those 
Who wrote anyway when words
Were stubborn and cranky.
You gave and we took, 
And we are all the better for it. 

Same time, next year? A love
Affair completely acceptable
In the world of words and poets. 
We have the keys and invitation,
and just eleven months to rest.