The Force of Gravity as a Distortion
Space-TimeInspired by All Things Considered

                                      “It’s like a Jell-O that we all swim in,”
                                                            –          Gabriela González

The gravitational pull of very, very massive things can
cause it to bend and shake.  When that happens,
the distances   between     objectswill              begin
to shift.
               “It will get longer and shorter and longer and
without us doing anything,
without us
feeling anything,”
                                 González says,

              but I am drawn in awkward shapes
              of disagreement.  I am not content
              with such declarations; Researchers can
              say whatever they like.  It is not enough
              to eradicate any and all responsibility
              when we know we are derivatives
              of stars, of celestial substance,
              broken fragments tapping
              windows of another’s
              heart with rocks
              and branches
              of time.

              I do feel–and anything is
              everything, everyone
              choosing anyone,
              when I choose
              only you.


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