Splendid five tool players of the morning sun
noon time tacos because the game is won
one bright shoulder of brilliant hue
leaning on the deck of Gordy Chew’s
her floral slip and sunglasses of victory
his shoes and his hair tied in with history
conversational prowess and sleight of hand
refined tastes but judgement sans
the fortune is dazzling and the bodies able
cooler than lemonade set on the table
none of it is borrowed and all of it is earned
something developed that you haven’t learned
mountains and forests of laughter and morals
familial dedication and pruned cherry laurels
shiny golden dots strung out on the tide
composing divine verse on the backside
coupes and convertibles loose with the throttle
palm grip tight on glass Klein bottles
spectrum of tiding searchlights in the air
all of it maddening and all of it fair
here comes the waiter serving with glee
dessert celebration and tipped to the tee