The Imagination 


creates blue zebras wearing freshwater pearl earrings

and druzy agate cameos of long necked turtles,

a whole alternative world full of impossibility


becomes possible, as possible as a noonday 

total solar eclipse; perhaps not as probable.

Nevertheless.   Adam’s last words?  Imagination


tells me that they were:  Boys, grow up now

and help your mammy take care of the garden

this side of paradise; it wasn’t all her fault


as I’ve lead you to believe, irregardless of what

god has to say about it.  Whatsoever she says

is more probable than anything I’ve said. 


She was present before we knew about good 

and evil after all.  And that zebra with the pearl 

earrings, stop taunting her.  This is her world too. 



And every time mammy says  [he had a few strong breathes 

yet in him]  Don’t give me no more of your backtalk sass!

I will hear it from above; boys, I know how to take care of sass.


I know more than zeus ever will. 





Melva Sue Priddy