What if the last thing we saw was the sunshine filtering between the curtains of a bay window

The little flurries of dust that sparkle in the warm rays onto the wood floor

Like the darkness behind our eyes in our first kiss

Heart quickened before softening to a painful thud

Of knowing this is the first, while also the last

The beginning of everything

The end of our momentary joy

A forever fleeting desire

To hold each solitary happiness 

To know all the desirable joys

Of sunshine kissing skin

Of raindrops sliding off eyelashes

The sweetness of cake, gritty against teeth

The warmth of a lover’s embrace

Those moments

Like photographic flashes behind dazzling sparks in our eyes

The flicker of our flames

That kindling only warm for so long

That spark of life

How it seems forever and ever changing

A beautiful blip in the universe