… the kite up in the air and  

once it’s there do not bring it back down
to earth.  

True:  earth is fragrant with lavender
and snow and speckled with the skulls
of snake and shrew and bear
the spines of spruce and willow—
and softly cups bodies after mind is silent  

True:  ocean is profound
and shatters under the sun and its fish
glint cerise and citrine as they part
and scatter for the ocean liners
that ride limber on waves.   

True:  many people pack this planet
dress sharply—their suits gleam
like sharks along the avenues
and they haul briefcases like bricks
and thin screens swirling with shapes.  

But to fly
even by proxy
is more amazing
than flower and wave and flesh
seen at eye level.  From above
all shakes loose
in the throes
of raven eye
and wind.    

~inspired by paper collage by Lorette C. Luzajic