Two knights

Clanking swords

Drawing blood

Their armor

Barely staying together

They fly the same flag

Yet are enemies

Within their own kingdom

But every now then

When a swift peaceful moment

Comes through every crack of the castle

They pause and unite

But only for a few minutes.

The Queen begs for them to work it out

Because she just wants a break

And she knows they do too.

The dragon gave them hell

And the jester makes them laugh.

The sun rises in the East,

And the flowers are blooming soon.

A cleaning maid

Realizes one day

While dusting one of the knights rooms

That they aren’t just battling each other

But that they are battling themselves.

And maybe that’s why

Every late night

The maid see the knights

And the Queen

Enjoying a game of poker

While sipping tea.

They forget about their internal demons,

They forget about their external grudges.

And understand each other…