Forming among strata,
one must learn to anticipate
sharp edges and delicate
fractures that catch light,
refracting into iridescences,
the beveled facets pain creates
in the etching out life imparts.
Some stones are hard enough
to withstand chipping,
those diamonds brilliant
in reflecting sun,
drawing softer gems close,
then slicing off shards
as they rasp and chisel for luster.
Stones most damaged,
multifaceted ones,
those pierced and cleaved by living,
jagged from fragmenting
after being tumbled with
rubies and sapphires,
asymmetrical by choice,
on the verge of splintering
into a thousand shards-
they hold fascination,
emitting their own
inner luminescence,
precious to behold.
These stones embrace darkness
and awaken a dreamer
with crystalline tears.
Slivers honing geometrical form
so fragile that a dreamer’s
soul is transformed,
flaws and facets unmoved
by riffler or dremel,
maintaining integrity of shape
while feeling the ever sculpting
strike of a lapidary,
etching beauty from wretched stone.