Now. The Cyber Security class on the last
Monday of the Academic Year with mostly

Before that, Lunch. Leftover skirt steak and
potatoes from Killarney’s Pub, alone with a
big blue globe in its black tote in the New
Before that, the Morning Drive. Up through
the interstate traffic where you noticed the
fuel tank is empty before the left turn on to
Lovers Lane, and the right turn on to the
final road, which never has open parking
spots anymore. 
Before that, the Moments Before I go LIVE
every morning. 
Before that, the Middlenight Rotation to
give or take snuggles. 
Before that, the Beginning of Sleep. 
Between it all, pockets of as much as
Inspired by The Writing Prompts for The Hermit from “Tarot Rituals” by Nancy C Atenucci