She said 

Why am I the only one
with just a mom all the time?
Everyone else has both

As tears filled her eyes.

And why are all the other girls
not always fighting with their mom
or stressed out like you are?

More tears.
But not just from her eyes now.
I sniffle silently, so she may continue.

Why do they all have big houses
and backyards
and don’t have to choose
one thing or another?
They go on vacations
and go out to eat whenever
And buy and do whatever they want.

The same questions I ponder upon
in times like these.

Then she asks an interestingly loaded one,
with acute irony,
but more so,
an irony within irony,

Is this all just karma? 


Yeah. Karma. Like your car breaking down,
your phone messing up,
all the stuff I just said.
All of this.


My baby girl,
These trials and unfair happenings,
my dear,
are not in response to what we’ve given
or not given this world.
But a chance to learn.
What I do think,
I do think, having you and I be a team,
would be the best this earth,
and karma
could have given me.
The rest can go.
And now…
It’s what we do with these challenges.

I haven’t done very well lately.
I think I’m not learning my lessons.

Forgive my words
filled with fear & doubt.
we have less distractions,
we can more easily notice 
the beauty of the helpers
and love around us.
Just like how I see…
you’re the first of your friends to notice,
and discover
pure beauty, joy and connection
to a magical sunset,
and details of the sky
Or run to nurture a hurt soul.

We can notice
because we have less than.
But. With you,
I have more than anyone on earth.