June 29th, 2022

                                                                The steep forest trails 
                                                        through holy dappled thickets
                                                            are drenched with poems

Ascending the Trail
123 Present Moment  
Big Hill, Kentucky 

Dear Ascending ,
 On hard packed Kentucky clay and stone.
What started as a fire break cut by a dozer
is a trail that goes straight up toward the tall
rock face that towers over the sanctuary. 
The forest is closing in on the branches 
of the runoff ditches that cut it in two places
and branches of young pines reach across 
above the path to play with each other’s needles.
Following the guest up toward the benches 
which are settled there for watching the words
and the world float by below I see his thumb 
lightly touch each finger on his right hand.
I laughed out loud without realizing it and
as he turned to ask why he saw the lake
was a carpet of diamonds. While he let go
of his held breath he asked what was so funny.

        My reply still laughing ,
                                                  “counting syllables.”

Sky touches the ground.
We hope someday you’ll join us.
Standing in the sky