A man (or woman) 
becomes giant in mind 
shutters closed, you can’t peer in 
no peers in 
don’t challenge, interrupt, but confirm 
to the shoe he’s stomping with 

The giant will think much of boundaries (translate as preferences) 
and much of right and wrong
the giant forgets that one shrinks into glory
not death 

and is terrified 

Since words first deceive their owner
the giant does not know he’s giant 
a crusade has been taken up;
with “anti” and not “for” 
invisible tremors of demand
shock out from the epicenter of self
Religion makes wonderful monsters 

To take down the giant is to slay yourself—
victim and tyrant; quiverer and roarer 
you are exposed in plain words:  
To live is to die to self 
To belong, to love others 
To be great, to be least
To be giant, to be small 

Religion makes wonderful monsters, 
Christ makes wonderful kings