Gravity overcomes

thr strength of the eyes.

Memories of youth and life

replay in the mind


When times were softer

And being wasn’t so hard.

Flashes of the past

Stab like the natural thorn

Bleeding memories from the core

To remind thyself

That the once perfect image of beauty and youth

Will be never more


That smile

The dainty air

The freshness of life is replaced with despair

As thoughts of you only hurt more ,

As I see you approach the golden shore.


The sands of time that spelled your name,

Won’t fall the same and won’t replace

The heap of love you set in my heart, even though you’re gone ,

We’re never apart,

This isn’t your end,

It’s just a fresh start.


But what am I,

To be reborn?

I thought I’d shake this one over the night ,

But I don’t feel anything like me

The broken side that doesn’t heal as fast as the first wounds ,

Or the last few