The monster is at my door again
I thought I had vanquished it when
my parents got divorced and I was taken out of the situation
where too much alcohol was consumed 
by someone who was supposed to care for me,
because he was a mean drunk

The monster is at my door again
I only had to face the monster intermittently after the divorce
when I went to visit, but thankfully those were short
As I grew up I had the power to choose
whether to put myself in that situation
where the monster was present

The monster is at my door again
this time he is after my child
who has never experienced the monster before like I have.
He was very young when his cousin went to live with family
because his mother let the monster win
and I sheltered him from my experiences with the monster

The monster is at my dooor again
and I am begging him not to take my baby
my precious child, who has not had to deal with the monster before
I HATE the monster and how it destroys families and lives
and I want so much more for his life
but I can’t slay the monster, it must come from within.