A ritual for all mothers, inspired by the legend of Ka Punahou, to invoke protection and assistance for their children

Goddess of Storytelling
    I will craft a lei for you
    And an altar of greenery
I beg you to help my child shape the narrative needed for success

God of Wisdom and Healing
    I will commission a surfboard for you
    And hang prisms to make rainbows
I beg you to grant my child the knowledge and health needed to thrive

God of Tricks and Time
    I will snare a catfish for you
    And write amusing stories
I beg you to grant my child the wit to please

God of War and Prosperity
    I will build a chicken statue for you
    And plant a garden of breadfruit and coconut
I beg you to wield your flaming mace to clear my child’s path

God of Creation and LIght
    I will carve a tall rock cone for you
    And knock my forehead with my child’s
I beg you to protect my child from the Gods that require human sacrifice