he works nights  arriving with a rumble as the fairy lights strung in my paned sanctuary click on
I’ve taken the time to get to know him  beyond this windowed scrim

it’s a medianed street  traffic 
cartpushers  strollers  rough sleepers  crossing is often not sought
then that one day 
a whim  a light spirit  a boldness be damned 
I stepped
to the middle  then more  then the final bit  stood   
upon his driveway  offering my hello of tart berries
he didn’t say much  I’ve learned this is character not disregard  

he too feels the weight of rubber on road   
sometimes disturbingly discordant to the history he  like me  has spent
that distance to curbs   seems often insurmountable
I’ve found though we share the holding of space for what can come
it’s a recipe
just enough hope 
a smidge of care 
two parts generosity 
a large scoop of humanity
and a whole heap of courage