Groundhogs proliferate in the old neighborhoods of Lexington and infantries of finger-tip-sized centipedes overtake my yard. Wildlife runs in cycles. I’d never seen a Luna moth until three years ago when two of them appeared at my porch door with eyes on their wings. Is it a good omen when hundreds of delicate yellow butterflies flutter in the nearby cemetary like snippets of chiffon? Coyotes edge in close, sniffing out our kittens for dinner. Squirrels nest aggressively in attics.

                                   Snakes over produce
                                   when cherry trees bloom early.
                                   Great for your garden!

Are they welcoming us or nudging us out of the way? Why does Randy poison the groundhog rather than trap him alive and rehome him in the woods? And Betsy from Willard Street, she just bought a Remington to rid the street of coyotes.

                                   Robins lose their homes
                                   due to devastating fires.
                                   They fly to your yard.