Back in high school, I hung out with guys who just liked to drive around town at night, late at night
We didn’t get into trouble, none at all–because we didn’t actually do anything
We just entertained ourselves by wasting time, totally wasting time
Unless there is some positive value to driving around aimlessly and coming up with bad jokes, really bad ones.

One summer, during one of these totally unproductive excursions,
I offered a diabolical suggestion:
Let’s pick a target–an unsuspecting victim–and, at a very late hour, pour ice all over this person’s lawn
What was so diabolical was that the ice would melt by the time our victim would wake up
The evidence would have disappeared without a trace, completely undetectable.

I’m glad we never did that
It would have weighed on my conscience for decades, maybe my whole life
But now I’m wondering, Has anyone ever done that to me?