from morning on the face of the one you love,

slice of long light on ohio river, many lost coins,

total cellphone coverage through a mountain range,

rare-root of american featherflower, clover seed on bison feet,

dance of virginia fanpetal, laughter collected from kentucky horse stall,

whistles, rolls, threat of nips of river otters near abandoned beaver dam, 

fumes of yellow-orange flash on inner hind leg of one single pickerel frog

freshly popped by eastern hog snake, brief sharp edge of broken falcon shell,

quick unbarbed sting of mason bee, one easy grain of undetectable silt

which sits on secret pink mucket mussel, sanctuary of crayfish smiles,

the last picture i took of your face, rainfall outside airplane window,

waters above heaven! morning on the face of the one i love.