I never thought there’d be a day I’d say
I’ll take my shower tomorrow not today

I, bikini’d daughter, used to jump in the shower
detached showerhead in hand,
water on full force, of course,
Power washed my own aged mother, head to toe, as she sat half-cocked 
one cheek on, one cheek off her rickety shower bench

The walk from then to now a speeded up rolling carpet ticking away the
seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks
as I push a parched envelope full of fears and tears

When am I old?
What is my elder worth in gold?
Who will care if I wash my hair?
Who will notice what I even wear?

When does pretty fly away ~ along with every single hay day?
Who earns the privilege of silver hair?
What is safe and secure not even a care?

Who will stop and visit, bring some chicken soup?
Who will be around, when I’m down and duped?
No one wants to be alone, carry a loan on one’s own home

Feeling my way on a scaredy cat path my tail to balance this aftermath
Bargaining with that ending date, convincing self it’s not too late
Hoping there’s still some strength to hit the bell
Lifting the hammer smacking the mark hard as hell!

We grab a soda, some cotton candy, throw a few dimes on a plate
never too late
to win a Kewpie doll

A Carnie Land tilt-a-whirl twirl
To blur this aging stupored girl
Lean lean eye the tattoed guy
Convince him to tilt the whirl faster

And like a top no one wants the ride to stop
But maybe it’s just a Midway Thrill

a mean lean twirl 
a spinning chill
a tilt-a-whirl swirl
a get your fill
to the other side . . .