how interesting 
to see it go through the different stages 

it starts off
SUPER serious 
schools are shut down
death is everywhere
we are afraid
mask up or die 

wait a minute 
it’s your fault 
no, it’s their fault 
playing the blame game 
turned violent 
hate crimes and slurs 

this whole thing is a hoax! 
watch The Simpsons 
you’ll see what i mean

time passes 
calm down 
death continues 
we’re desensitized 
but do they still matter? 

vaccines and variations 
memes and jokes 
paninis and panoramas 

mask or no mask?
does it even make a difference anymore? 
i tested positive 2 days ago 
so it must – right? 

the pandemic is not over 
the pandemic is that we don’t take care of each other
or ourselves 
COVID19 is just a symptom