it’s interesting to me
to consider the plan
I label myself as a middle of the roader
     if that’s a word
I like a plan, sure, but let’s not get crazy
time will make a way, let’s be spontaneous, come what may
all that jazz
but here’s the thing
I am also uptight and like to know, in exactness, what’s up and down and all around
for example, it’s June but let’s discuss October
and don’t the financial gurus tell us
as well as bosses and leaders of the free world
we need to make some allocations based on the calendar 
so I am in a constant push pull of wondering if I am on the right track
all the while trying to maintain the lifestyle of freedom and surrendering to the wind
I long to be one way or the other
the uber organized, disciplined follower of my own agenda
one of those hell’s bells all will be well types who seem that never a worry arises 
at this point in the game, I doubt I will manage either
therefore I’ll most likely continue as a moderate 
which maybe, perhaps, is the essence of balance and I truly have mastered the plan