In Response To Actions I Do Not Understand  

Mr Trumpahoe why’d you pick Mexico to create disorder?
Don’t you like our friends south of the border?  

Don’t you know Mr Trumpahoe they like to farm,
cook, clean, eat, be happy, live and let live and do no harm?  

Mr Trumpahoe I want to know “Why doth you protest so much?”
Maybe it is you who is the evildoer, the bad apple, the nut.  

Mr Trumpahoe are you the fellar who is the smellar?  

Are you the one it takes to know one?  

Do you wear a thong lined with lace
that cuts your crack in half and causes your sick looking face?  

Do you claim to hate transgenders
cause down under you’re on a bender?

Why Mr Trumpahoe do you always put on a show?
Who is your marionette, inquiring minds want to know?  

Mr Trumpahoe I’d love to see who pulls your strings.
Was it a deal gone bad, an unpaid debt, did they pierce a ring in your dingaling?  

Mr Trumpahoe did your mamma make you suck a phallic pole
just to create your mouth’s peculiar shape like that of a horses butt hole?  

If everyone in the world asked you to shut up
in exchange for a hug and wise words to give it up  

Mr Trumpahoe would you, could you,
just let go of being such a monumental asshole?