That steady, drumming, heart beat
echoes through your blood
wakes you up in the morning
keeps your thoughts always running wild
as your fingers tap out the rythm of your pulse

it’s a promise
made before you were born

It’s ‘a-thousand lightnin’ bugs rising in the cool night air of June
it’s the dirt under your fingernails from planting
and taking life away in your garden
it’s the sudden jolt of a bird flying straight into a window
while you prepare lunch for your kids on the other side of the glass

The soul, day dreaming
gazing through the windows of your eyes
telling you “there is no meaning you don’t invent for yourself”
interrupting your thoughts
when they get too rowdy.

It’s a promise,
made before you were born

It’s singing out loud in the car
to a song you don’t know the words to
It’s smiling when someone tells you they missed you
because you know the feeling, you were missing someone else
It’s crying because certain movie script writers
can just get you where you least expected it sometimes
It’s splattering paint on a canvas
not out of frustration but simply because it feels good
all these things and life
the one we start with
the one we end with

It’s a promise
made before you were born