The full blooming mimosa,
with its low slung trunks,
becomes the galley of a sea-
fearing duo of imaginists
sailing for Bybee Island
through the rocky storms 
of uncertain roles. They agree
that Zoe (6 y.o.)  is the captain 
and Gramps (73 y.o.), is her son 
and first mate. When they land 
in the unsettled paradise, she
wants to build an Indian teepee
with bean poles. He follows orders,
but a fearsome pirate attack ensues
and they’re forced back on board.
As they head off into the deep blue,
the dreaded get-ready-to-go alarm rings.
Climbing away, high up in the tree,
at the top of her lungs the captain sings:
Don’t make me go home
Don’t make me go home
I don’t wanna go home
Don’t make me go home