It’ll happen when you least expect
used to be a somewhat comforting piece of hope
until a few months ago
when she unexpectedly found feelings for another guy.

You should pray about it more
because if there’s any answer in the world
that I can count on receiving,
it’s a dialtone from the sky.

Sometimes, all you can do is just let go.
Please, explain to me
how I can painlessly let go
of the knife put in my back.

You’ll find someone someday
but someday could be years from now
which doesn’t help at all
with the loneliness of today.

I’ll say a prayer for you.
Thanks, but if God doesn’t answer my prayers,
what hope can I place
in prayers made about me?

You didn’t need her anyway.
I did.

God is just waiting to shower you with grace!
Well what is He waiting for,
a blood sacrifice?
I still got that knife.

One like equals one prayer.
Hey look at this!
Our capacity for laziness turned prayer into a button!
How convenient!

Raise awareness!
Disease, mental health, suicide, good to be aware,
but I have yet to see a problem fixed
simply by admitting a thing exists.