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Lexington Poetry Month

The Vinegar Sea


The jellyfish swims in a vinegar sea, 
It grateful to me for its acidity.
The soil of the tundra now welcomes the worm,
The frost thawing out that once packed it too firm.
Oil men, great powers, and baby gray whales,
Rejoice that in winter the arctic now sails.
‘Twixt the short and the long term do interests diverge,
The first making fortunes the second must purge.

5 responses to “The Vinegar Sea”

  1. Shaun Turner says:

    I loved this. Great use of form.

  2. Jennifer Burchett says:

    I, knowing nothing about form, agree with the first commenter. I am also jolted by the content. Spread this gospel wide! Jolt everyone.

  3. tina andry says:

    this is an intricate and well formed poem. well done. it’s beautiful.

  4. mtpoet says:

    Those two first lines remind me of Ogden Nash…

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