Sitting in the living room to go places
while Mom puts her make up on,
then riding in the passenger seat
down the interstate to and fro,
anticipation for the next stop
building up in your bones.

Watching the window as snow
gracefully falls down,
hoping to hear the sound of jingle bells,
only to fall in deep slumber,
then awaken to gifts underneath
a jubilant tree.

Standing in a line to ride the roller coaster,
impatiently swaying in the grocery line,
humming a tune as you wait for friends
and family to come into view,
doing anything to pass the time.

I’ve played this game all my life.
It’s a commonality in all exsitences,
part of the human experience, we all play
the waiting game.

Waiting and waiting until surprises we meet,
or Death comes to tell us our journey is complete.
So only play the game if what you are waiting for
will bring you irreplaceable joy.