Curling my thumb and nails
thru copious strands 

Secrets Kept For Too Long 

Secrets Soon to Be Forgotten 

For a “Secret is What No One Knows.” 

Secrets growing 
Done grown in the back
of my head

Far Out

The Vrill Grew their Truth
To Communicate with 
The Beyond Beyonders

The Invisible Eyes 

The Rainbow Goblins 

The Silver Gnomes 

The Phantom Flesh

The Secret is 

A Buried Story 

No, memory

Of Barclay and I walking thru a private Garden, 

Lost in Louisville and mostly 
Wet from Falling 

Dilly Dalling 
For Too Long 

Now Lost 
Any where will do 

Up Ahead My Eyes 
Tell me a Truth 

“Wrong Again J.B.” 

I point A Head 

“A fence.” We have to turn around 

My lovely brother laughs 

“Not at you,” he smiles and points

I look again as he speaks, 
“There is No Fence.” 

Perplexed my Pupils Peel 
The Fence I thought
I swear 
I saw 

Trick of the Mind(?)

The ‘Fence’ was only
branches delicately aligned
To appear to be a fence. 
A blockade 
Holding Us Back

With J.B. Dead Now
My brother Deceased 

I walk Alone 
Hoping He has Transformed 
Knowing Maybe Not 

But the Truth is 
‘There is No Fence”