It keeps the past as richness.” -Wendell Berry on soil

Understanding the privilege of
land access is crucial.
For children to play and build a
connection with nature,
farmers and gardeners to grow food,
people all over to have wild spaces
where they can just be.
Land is expensive,
affected by extraction,
even public lands cost money to visit
be it parking passes, admittance fees, or
the gas to get there, and
we live on stolen land in the first place.
So many layers to so many issues
we don’t even acknowledge
all carved into the crust.
But we can write our own
love letter to the earth in the soil with
tillers and trees, restoring native species,
violets instead of violence,
cutting, cultivating, caring,
putting back as we take, planning with
consideration for each piece of the system
consideration for every impacted person,
each endangered animal and plant.
We can build the richness in this land
with our labor and our love while we also
tell the stories of its loss.